Emerald Hills Sector 65

Instructions for Registration

This Resident Portal helps in collating all relevant details of Owners/Tenants at one place for better communication & coordination

The process for registration is very simple and straight forward.

  • For the first time registration, you'll required to enter the basic details
  • Post approval from Society Admin, your account will be activated and you'd receive an email for completing your profile
  • Kindly do complete your profile and provide as much details as feasible. Please enter complete name (First, Mid, Last as applicable)
  • For entering property details, the blocks can be selected from the drop-down list (IVORY, JEMMA, TOPAZ and so on), for the Unit# please adopt the following format:-
    • 123-GF for unit # 123 on Ground Floor (say IVORY-123-GF)
    • 123-FF for unit # 123 on Ground Floor (say JEMMA-123-FF)
    • 123-SF for unit # 123 on Ground Floor (say TOPAZ-123-SF)

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